About Us



The need for safety specialists has never been higher as the oil and gas sector continues to grow around the globe. The ability to recognize and manage risks associated with onshore and offshore oil platforms, lower the number of deaths, illnesses, and injuries, and create efficient management systems tailored to the oil and gas sector are crucial abilities for the success of businesses.

The love of teaching led to the creation of NeedMore Training LLC. Although it may have begun as 2022 was at its end, our origins go back more than 30 years. Our instructors have taught everything from CNC machine operations to driving 18-wheelers. Along with sharing our collective wisdom and experiences, we also work hard to continue advancing both as we go forward.

For ambitious people and companies in the oil and gas sector in North Dakota who want to get the most out of their safety training experience, our initiative offers the greatest value. This program will help you get there if you have high professional aspirations, are enthusiastic about the area, and want to build the abilities necessary to manage safety in your workplace successfully.